Northern Colorado Touring Musician’s Mind Meld


The Music District - 639 S College


The spirit of collaboration is the essence of this event and what makes the music industry timeless and dynamic. 

The Music District in partnership with The Mishawaka Amphitheatre present the Touring Musician’s Mind Meld. The goal for Touring Musician’s Mind Meld is for musicians competing in the same markets to engage in discussions about the joys, trials, tricks, and resources available for sharing their craft on the road.

The concept for this event is inspired by the World Cafe, “a method for creating a living network of collaborative dialogue that matter in service to real work.” The World Cafe functions based on the assumption that, “We are wiser together than we are alone.”

The structure of the event is to set tables with flip chart paper, each with a topic related to touring; each table with host a micro group for ten minutes. During that ten minutes, musicians will be verbally prompted to ask questions about it or provide some insight, contact or other resource(s). After all rotations, totaling five or six, are complete, the larger group will gather together to have open dialogue breaking down the patterns present, sharing resources and other insights.