Music Video Creation Series III: 48 Hour Film Festival Kickoff


The Music District - 639 S College


Participating filmmaking teams will be paired with a band or solo artist. Workshop admission is free, but capacity is limited.

To participate, please form a TEAM and sign up as a team (only one person need register on behalf of the team).

Only one member need register on behalf of the band.

Interested in registering a filmmaking team or band? Please contact Doug Usher of NoCoast Artists by filling out the form below:


The Music Video Creation Series culminates in a 48-Hour Music Video Festival, where musicians and filmmakers will be randomly teamed up and sent out to make a music video in just 48 hours. A week later participants will re-convene on June 17th to screen the completed works and celebrate the creation of new art in our world.


NoCoast Artists is an artist collaborative based in Fort Collins, CO. Best known for producing the feature film Whensday, NoCoast produces and distributes a variety of multi-media content and arts experiences. Founded by Tomas Herrera, Ben Mozer, Andrew Schneider and Doug Usher, NoCoast seeks to continue the advancement of the arts in Northern Colorado, and to prove to the world that you don’t need a coast to be a creative force in the world.