Music Video Creation Series II: Working Together


The Music District - 639 S College


NoCoast Artists presents a three-part, music video workshop series hosted by the Music District. This series of workshops are designed to help both musicians and filmmakers develop essential skills and techniques related to the creation of music video content. With an emphasis on creativity, relationships, and vision cohesion, these workshops will be highly interactive in nature.

II – Working Together: The second workshop in this series will focus on developing the relationship between artist and filmmaker. Whenever multiple creative minds share a project, the first challenge is to find a cohesive vision and working relationship that ensures a smooth creative process. This workshop will teach skills and best practices, as well as help both musicians and filmmakers better understand the other perspective.

We strongly encourage attendees to participate in all three events (one event per month April-June) as we will be developing baseline and ongoing skills, vernacular and relationships throughout this process.  Each workshop will include “hands on” activities with time devoted to applying learned skills. Additionally, there will be a strong collaborative element to the entire series, and we encourage both filmmakers and musicians to participate throughout all three workshops.

This workshop runs from 2:30-6:30pm.  See you there!


NoCoast Artists is an artist collaborative based in Fort Collins, CO. Best known for producing the feature film Whensday, NoCoast produces and distributes a variety of multi-media content and arts experiences. Founded by Tomas Herrera, Ben Mozer, Andrew Schneider and Doug Usher, NoCoast seeks to continue the advancement of the arts in Northern Colorado, and to prove to the world that you don’t need a coast to be a creative force in the world.