Looping 101


The Music District - 639 S College

Looping can be accessible for anyone.  Today’s artists have access to a wide spectrum of technology, from a simple app to a large pedal and everything in between. This workshop aims to introduce and demonstrate three very different setups to those interested in looping (but don’t know where to start) and musicians just starting to loop and want to develop their craft further.
Performing instructors:
Each of the 3 performers will set up in 3 separate rooms. Attendees will take a “demo tour” together. Each performer will introduce their setup, briefly describe how it works, and perform 1 – 3 songs that illustrate those concepts. Attendees will then report to a breakout session in the room of their choice. This allows people to try some hands-on exploration with the technology they are most drawn to (e.g. the iPad app versus the 6+ input pedals). They can also ask more specific questions, and the artist can discuss & demonstrate more advanced techniques with their technology.
  • 2:30pm Meet in lobby of the Music District and introduce performers
  • 2:40pm Rachel Ann’s demo (Room 1)
  • 3:00pm Riley Ann’s demo (Room 2)
  • 3:20pm Tiffany Christopher’s demo (Room 3)
  • 3:20-4:30pm Breakout sessions (attendees report to the room of their choice)