FC Startup Week: Start Up a Band

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The Long Building - 619 S College


It can be intimidating to start up a band–especially if you want to do it successfully.  This panel features four Colorado music veterans sharing their experiences and giving invaluable advice.


Tim Wenger is a Denver-based journalist and founder of Inkwell Media Services. He is the author of So, You Have A Band and a frequent contributor to Matador Network and MicroShiner. After finishing a BA in Communications from Fort Lewis College, Tim jumped into the back of a Ford Econoline and spent a few years playing guitar in dark bars while falling in love with travel, good food, and local drink. He’s been unable to rest his pen (or his feet) ever since.


Oliver Mueller (Slow Caves)

Inspired by late nights in Hollywood, high speed car chases, red eye flights and vintage skateboard videos, the synth-punk musings of SLOW CAVES bleed a James Dean-esque revelry that explodes into a rich baritone croon. There’s adrenaline, there’s sonic vibration, there’s blistering guitars and throbbing bass lines. It blends and molds together to create something visceral, yet refined.  It’s badass. And like any crash, you just can’t turn away.

Originally from Northern Colorado, SLOW CAVES came together as kindred spirits seeking to create quality music that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

Opening with bleary dual guitar assault, and steered by a smooth croon, reminiscent of Julian Casablancas. The songs are delivered with affection layered over aggressive guitars and hard hitting drums. It’s the heart-felt honesty that invites you into their twisted web, encouraging you stay for the entire ride.

Danielle Anderson (Danielle Ate the Sandwich)

Danielle Ate the Sandwich, is the stage name of pop-folk songwriter, Danielle Anderson. Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Danielle has been touring nationally since 2009 after cultivating an online following from her homemade videos on Youtube and her unique style of online marketing that brings her music to the audience she affectionately refers to as “Fanwiches.” In September 2016, Danielle Ate the Sandwich self-released her 6th full length album, “The Terrible Dinner Guest,” recorded in Norfolk, VA, and supported by a fan funded Kickstarter campaign. Her new album journeys into more musical styles and depths, adding a new set of instruments to create a fresh space for Danielle’s lyrics and stories. Her songs can be thoughtful, heavy and serious, but Danielle rarely takes herself too seriously. She’s known for her quirky lyrical twists, performing most frequently with a ukulele and delivering witty and honest stage banter in her live shows.

Danielle tours the country, has performed internationally, opened for Mumford and Sons, Suzanne Vega, toured with Pomplamoose and wrote the soundtrack to the Emmy nominated HBO documentary, “Packed in a Trunk: The Lost Art of Edith Lake Wilkinson.‘ Danielle Ate the Sandwich is happily based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Tom Werge (12 Cents for Marvin / Werge Law)

It’s rare for a band to have a dramatic artistic impact and dedicated fan base for over two decades. However, the eight-member group 12 Cents for Marvin has done just that, all within the college town of Fort Collins, Colorado. Better known as “12 Cents” by their fans, the band consists of talented, finely-tuned members that each supply a distinctive spark to their musical machine. Front man Tom Werge describes his gifted cohorts not just simply as a band, but more akin to a “close-knit family.” Individually, each of the “cylinders” in “12 Cents” brings their dynamic passions and personality into the group’s compositions and performances. The result is a high-grade blend of ska-infused pop, rock, and reggae. Their listeners are captivated and gravitate to their upbeat fun- filled groove.

One of the unexpected things you’ll find regarding 12 Cents for Marvin is that they each have successful professional careers outside of the music industry. By day, front man Tom Werge runs his own law firm, yet at night, Tom’s talents are his on-stage vocals and performance on the valve trombone with the band’s horn section.