Creative Outreach Conference: Keynote – How to Combine Your Personal & Professional Online Brand


The Music District - 639 S College


How to Combine Your Personal & Professional Online Brand

So you have a job that requires you to use social media professionally, but up to now you’ve only been using social media to post snarky comments with your friends. The questions are as old as social media itself (so, about 10 years now): Do I need to keep my personal social media accounts private? Or do I need to separate my professional social accounts from the social accounts I use to interact with friends? the answer is “no.” There are all kinds of advantages to combining your personal and professional online brand. Take it from Callahan Creek’s Senior Social Media Community Manager Eric Melin, who found himself in an unusual position when it became very public that he was the World Champion of Air Guitar. This presentation will walk you through the tricky ins and outs of building a professional brand that’s authentic, with real, practical advice that you can apply to yourself and your business.

Marketing & Branding

We all know the power of storytelling, from bed-time stories to Hollywood movies, stories spark emotion. Stories appeal to our human side, they connect and engage us. But sometimes between trying to find their ‘social voice’, and branding, organizations have neglected the essence of their mission and vision, and at times fail to incorporate those into their story. In this session, you will learn the importance of your agency’s true ‘social voice’ for effective brand storytelling. With experience in both our local market and national clients, Monika’s unique experiences marketing and branding come from telling her clients stories. This session will help you find that story, that voice, that will connect your business in a more impactful and engaging manner.

About Eric

Eric Melin is an Air Guitar World Champion and TEDx speaker who espouses the creative virtues and fire-in-the-belly inspiration that can be derived from air guitar. With nine years of professional social media experience, he’s also an award-winning business communicator and the Senior Social Media Community Manager at ad agency Callahan Creek. For two years, Eric was social media chair for AAF-KC, and is currently President of the Kansas City Film Critics Circle. Perhaps he is best known as the 2013 World Air Guitar Champion, and a tireless ambassador for the sport of competitive air guitar—and its dream of achieving world peace.

About Monika

“Music doesn’t belong to one person. It’s part of everyone. I love combining music and social media because they build personal connections with varying paths–individual to music, music to band, band to an individual, individual to individual,” says, Monika. “These relationships are built in the pit between fans, and solidified with the bands on stage.”

Saying that she’s passionate about music is an understatement. Monika has been steeped in music culture from the very young age of 3 when she attended her first concert (INXS) to college where she studied music business at CU Denver and continues to embrace it today. She’s shared her passion with the likes of FoCoMX and SpokesBUZZ, strategically leading social media marketing and as a board member, respectively. Beyond speaking on panels for music conferences, she also lends her 8+ years of social media marketing experience to a variety of local bands including Tickle Me Pink, Fierce Bad Rabbit, Post Paradise, Wiredogs, Bop Skizzum and more.

Professionally, Monika has been consulting with Fortune 500 companies including Kraft, Seventh Generation, and Microsoft on influencer marketing and nonprofit organizations like Canadian Cancer Society and Edutopia (George Lucas’s Foundation) on social listening and best practices around marketing. In her spare time, she also created Noiselace earplug necklaces, a business she currently runs with her mom, Lisa.