Creative Outreach Conference: Effective Communication and Relationships in a Virtual World


The Music District - 639 S College


In a global, digital, and increasingly interconnected work environment, the quality of your virtual communication is critical to your personal and professional success. If you are a freelancer or work remotely, your success is measured almost entirely by how you deliver results through virtual communication channels.

This workshop, presented by Julianna Kobs from 33Vincent, offers strategies that you can immediately implement to improve the way you:
– Write clear, actionable emails
– Run efficient meetings
– Flawlessly execute deliverables
– Leverage tech tools to be more efficient and effective

Breakout from the Breakout: Applying What We’ve Learned to Hard-To-Reach Populations

Presented by Annie Bierbower, Civic Engagement Liaison for the City of Fort Collins

No one is easy to reach in an online world filled with endless entertainment and information but some are particularly difficult to reach or have barriers to engagement. The City has identified youth, young professionals and Spanish speakers as some of those groups and makes extra efforts to connect with them. This 15 minute breakout from the breakout will speak directly to local demographics of the City social media channels in relation to these groups as well as introduce resources and methods we’ve tried. This will help illustrate how to apply some of the tools discussed by Julianna to harder-to-reach populations as well as offer real world examples.

About the Presenters

Julianna Kobs is the Program Director at 33Vincent where she manages a team of virtual executive assistants and an online learning program targeted at freelancers and remote workers. Her expertise lies at the intersection of productivity, professionalism, and succeeding in the virtual office. Over the years, Julianna has worked in a variety of fields including roles at a Barcelona-based study abroad company, for a Milwaukee nonprofit, and on deep sea commercial fishing vessels. She also serves on the advisory board of Lessons From Abroad, as co-chair of the Women’s Foundation of Colorado Northern Colorado Committee, and as the volunteer coordinator for Tour de Fat, Fort Collins. Though most of her professional work is done virtually, building in-person relationships and community is deeply important to her. She’s looking forward to sharing her knowledge and expertise with her adopted home, Fort Collins.

Annie Bierbower is the Civic Engagement Liaison for the City of Fort Collins where she is constantly searching for ways to better connect the community to their local government. Creating meaningful engagement means creating accessible information and welcoming spaces for all to participate in discussion and deliberation whether that means creating mobile budget education booths or a children’s activity around West Nile Virus. She works to develop tools and methods to help support community members that are harder to reach or may experience barriers to participation such as people that speak English as a second language, single parents, youth and others. Annie has always been interested in the overlap between culture and communications as well as civic literacy. Her career has included time as a newspaper journalist, television production assistant, and content manager for an international education organization. She studied abroad in Peru and traveled extensively through Southeast Asia before finding her position with the City and in a community she loves.