*Guest blog by Wheelchair Sports Camp – Music District Artists-in-Residence June 2018* 

The summer’s been hot in Denver and most of us are drowning in developments that seem to pop-up every other day. The sports camp crew needed a break out the city, so when the Music District offered us a residency we jumped at the opportunity to stay as long as they’d let us! We’ve been sitting on some love songs, some breakup songs, and some energy that we couldn’t seem to capture in the overwhelming city grind, so we blocked out a week in June and headed north.

We packed Chad’s van full of gear, mics, toys, beat machines, candles, cards, crystals, and sweat while I held the tripod in the middle seat to keep the roof from sinking in. By the time we arrived in Fort Collins, we came through dripping and couldn’t wait to get to it – in the AC. We made ourselves right at home in the apartments, spread out all our gear, and dug right in!

The week to come was one for the books. We invited our best Denver pals up for slumber parties, told secrets, prank called boys, skinny dipped, and collaborated on some tunes we’ve been sitting on for some time now with some our favorite people in the world. We laid down a solid foundation to what will eventually be our 2nd full length album!!! ahhhhhhh…. We experimented ​live on the radio​, played a show at the Downtown Artery, hosted 20+ youth from local treatment centers, created 3 new original songs with them, and still made time to explore your cute town.

Although we didn’t come home with a finished product to share, we made Fort Collins home for a week and were really able to let loose, and let go. Huge thanks to the Music District for being so sweet everyday, and providing us with all the housing and space to have our weirdo crew for the week!