By: Malini Bartels and Melissa Reese

If you’re wondering who the new face is on campus, it’s Melissa Reese, our new General Manager. It was the Music District’s tagline, Find Your Place in Music, that drew Melissa to apply for the open position earlier this year.

Melissa’s excitement for the future of the entire Music District team revolves around streamlining existing processes from an operational perspective. Sound boring? Well, it basically means making things function smoothly and seamlessly, so we can have better interactions with everyone who walks through the door… and who doesn’t want that? Melissa’s new role will be felt by the entire community of musicians and music appreciators. Creating an impactful experience while on campus is the overall objective.

Melissa is in constant amazement at the versatility of the entire staff and all the marvelous music that fills our rooms. It goes to show, you needn’t play an instrument to experience the long-lasting impact of music.

“Music is the thing that’s there for you, no matter what, even if you don’t play an instrument,” says Melissa. “I can connect every major thing that happened in my life to the soundtrack that was playing at the time.”

Melissa Reese hugging her husband and son while wearing ski helmets located in a snowy area
Melissa Reese with her family

Melissa spent her entire adult life working in extremely large institutions, two sizeable universities to be exact. Her journey to take a step toward a smaller organization led her to our door. The daily grind for this new team member includes handling financials, staff supervision, and business operations.

Of course, there is also time to enjoy our campus offerings, and Melissa appreciates bringing her whole family to events. You see music’s influence here every day with parents bringing children in for lessons or doing lessons themselves. It’s all ages, all skill levels, and all abilities at work.

“Music is not just about going to see a show… it’s more than that. The MD shows how people can be participatory in music and it does not have to be a spectator sport.”

Music truly is the universal language.