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The SistersLittle BrotherThe Long BuildingThe Carriage House
Twin Sisters First Floor Plans
A Rehearsal Room (Green)
B Rehearsal Room (Blue)
C Rehearsal Room (Red)
D Media Library
E Lounge
F Kitchen
G Dining Room
H Front Porch
I Reception
J Living Room
K Main Entrance
L Back Porch
Twin Sisters Second Floor Plans
A Upper Deck
B Study
C DJ Booth
D Beats Lab
E Practice Room (Aqua)
F Practice Room (Gold)
G Practice Room (Gray)
H Practice Room (Fuchsia)
I Attic (3rd floor)
J Living Room Balcony
Little Brother Floor Plans
A The Woodshed (Music Retail)
B Resident Artists
The Long Building Floor Plans
B Future Music Retail Space
C Industry Incubator, Offices, and Co-Working
D Industry Incubator, Offices, and Co-Working
The Carriage House Floor Plans
A Conference Room
B NoCoast Artists Office