The Music District is a dynamic gathering hub, workspace, and creative playground for the music community. For the novice or pro, it’s a place where anyone can develop the art, learn the business, and share skills and passions with musicians and music lovers. A living laboratory, it will continuously evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the Northern Colorado ecosystem and the wider music world.

Need some practice time with your band before you go into the studio, or on the turntables before your next big show?  Maybe your music business or non-profit is ready for its own dedicated coworking desk, or tenant office, within our 5 building 1 acre campus? How about connecting with others to volunteer at local festivals or community radio, or working with experienced industry mentors who can help push your sonic ideas into the world via marketing, management, and touring?

Whether you’re an experienced instructor, eager student, resident musician from afar, hometown hero about to break out, or budding music tech entrepreneur, we’ve got the spaces, connections, and resources to assist, across all musical genres and skill levels.  Interested in something else you don’t see on our website?  Don’t hesitate to drop us a line; if it’s something we don’t do, maybe we will soon, with you.  Or maybe we’ll know the people in the larger Northern Colorado or international music landscapes to connect you with.  However big or small your dream, we’re here to help you find your place in music.



Melissa Reese

General Manager

No matter what you need, music is always there for you.

Josh Rivera

Communications Manager

Music is Magic.

Julie Sutter

Community Manager

I love music because it’s a language we can all share instantly.

Jess Reed

Programs & Events Manager

Music is my radar.

Mickey Davis

Business of Music Manager

Music: because every moment is better with a soundtrack.

Kyle James Hauser

Artist Development Manager

Music is a Universal Human Right

Shane Zweygardt

Technical Manager

Music is the most magical piece of clay that has ever existed.

Christiana Bailey

Operations Coordinator

Music can change the world because music can change people. I truly believe that.

Alysia Kraft

Artist Development Coordinator

Music is the most exciting expression of humanity I’ve experienced.

Alia Goldfarb

Community Coordinator

Music is an ancient mode of connection rooted in the rhythm of our heartbeats.

Malini Bartels

Utility Player

Music transforms my mood and transports my mind.

Saja Butler

Utility Player

Music heals. Much love.

Hayden Farr

Utility Player

The really cool thing about music is that you are constantly learning something from it.

Diego Felix

Utility Player

Music is what we decorate time with.

Riley Sbrana

Utility Player

Without music dancing wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.