It’s hard to believe, but the Music District campus hasn’t been open for over 3 months as of this blog post. Although we aren’t physically present on our campus, we are still working hard to produce content and programming to help you find your place in music! Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can stay connected to the Music District these days.


Groundwaves is back for 2020 in a brand new online-only format. MCs from across the Rocky Mountain region will have their content featured during a monthly YouTube Livestream hosted by Murs. Just like last year, Groundwaves is focused on providing a forum for up-and-coming MCs to showcase their skills in front of their peers. While the focus in 2019 was live performance, 2020’s version of Groundwaves focuses on pre-recorded content and video creation.

We’ve compiled a list of resources to help interested MCs step up their game in subjects such as home recording, video production, pre-recorded beats, and much more. Check it out on our Groundwaves info page, where you can also find the form to enter.

Upcoming Groundwaves dates:
• Tuesday, June 23rd
• Tuesday, July 21st
• Tuesday, August 18th
• Tuesday, September 15th
• Tuesday, October 13th

Groove Theory

Groove Theory was created for music producers of all levels to share new, original works-in-progress and to get constructive and supportive feedback from fellow producers. While we are away from our campus, Groove Theory has been taking place online. Once a month, we host a video conference through Zoom where producers can learn from experts in topics like sound design and Ableton Live. Past Groove Theory presenters have included Michal Menert, Frequent, Mumukshu, and more. Throughout the month we invite you to join the Groove Theory community on our brand new Discord channel.

Upcoming Groove Theory dates:
• Wednesday, June 17th
• Wednesday, July 15th
• Wednesday, August 19th

The Launchpad

The Launchpad is our brand-new series of music business-focused workshops. Topics we have covered so far include Leveling Up Your Livestream, Financial Assistance for Musicians, and Teaching Music Online. Don’t worry if you missed seeing these events live, you can check them out any time in our Facebook video library!

These workshops are designed for both musicians and those working in the music industry. If you have a topic you’d like to see covered in the future, please reach out to Mickey Davis at

The Music District Broadcasts

In addition to our continued programming, tune in during our closure for new and revisited conversations, events, and other broadcasts:

The Punk Pan-Indian Romantic Comedy by Gregg Deal
The Punk Pan-Indian Romantic Comedy is a music-themed talk and performance piece by Indigenous artist and activist Gregg Deal that was debuted at the Music District during Artup Week 2020. This new work focuses on the music that has moved him throughout his life, speaking in stories and antidotes that follow a timeline of struggle, survival, and ultimately healing through the power of music. A work that is upsetting, dramatic, and at times pretty funny outlines the way music has affected Deal’s life from his earliest memories to the present and how it has influenced his ideas, his artistic work, and his voice.

Creative Merch Sales
In the CommuniTEA pilot episode, Peggy Lyle (Director, Downtown Fort Collins Creative District) and Julie Sutter (Community Manager, The Music District) talk to Garrett Danielson of Pine Printshop in Fort Collins. Bands and fans can support local business and the creative workforce through the Center for Distanced Shopping: a clever endeavor to help musicians and other entrepreneurs maximize merchandise profits and minimize complexities with on-demand printing and online sales.

Groundwaves Finale
On November 19th, 2019, Groundwaves took over The Armory for the finale of our inaugural run, and Kind Dub was there to capture the whole thing on camera!

Check out our full library of videos including content featuring Lisa Bella Donna, Del the Funky Homosapien, Bahamadia, and much more on our YouTube channel.

The Music District Podcast

The Music District Podcast is back for 2020 with some exciting changes to the format. This year, we’ll be putting out 3 different types of episodes each month to help spread the focus across the art, business, and community of music.

Connect Call
Frequent listeners of the Music District Podcast will remember our Connect Call episodes from last season, where we connect a musician with a question to an industry expert with an answer and hope their conversation informs musicians and music supporters worldwide. These episodes will focus on subjects like sync licensing, release strategies, artistic improvement, and more.

I Love This Song
I Love This Song is a brand-new Music District Podcast concept for 2020. During these episodes, we will invite individual members of our music community to discuss a song they love and why they love it, while inviting the audience to explore and celebrate the song along with them!

The third type of podcast we’ll be producing this year will be focused on telling the stories of the music industry by speaking with different members of our local music ecosystem as well as industry friends from across the country. In the first episode of this season, we talk with Murs about the impact Groundwaves had in 2019. Future episodes will include a profile on Jesse Elliott (Founding Director of the Music District); an exploration on artistry with singer, writer, and rapper Dessa; a deep dive into the history of local music studio The Blasting Room; and an interview with the team behind the Newport Folk Festival, and more.

Check out past episodes HERE and be sure to subscribe so that you can be the first to listen when new episodes drop!

Returning to Campus

Over the last few months, the Music District team has been working diligently to figure out how to implement new policies and guidelines for our campus that will make reopening safe, but we must remain closed for now. This is an extremely complicated undertaking given that our buildings were always intended for gathering, not separation.

We miss seeing all of you in person every day and can’t wait until we are back on campus. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on the status of our campus closure. Until then, we hope you are able to engage with us through Groundwaves, Groove Theory, the Launchpad, and whatever exciting new programming we dream up over the next few months!