Reopen Every Venue Safely (REVS)

Music Cities Together — a partnership between Music Policy Forum and Sound Music Cities — is launching Reopen Every Venue Safely (REVS), a national campaign to develop and disseminate action plans and budgets rooted in a hyper-pragmatic understanding of the challenges ahead.

REVS Austin – Best Practices Guide

Many great organizations and individuals have been putting in long hours on this question. The City of Austin has partnered with Music Cities Together through their Reopen Every Venue Safely initiative and Red River Cultural District to provide an overview of the available research and community conversations. Our goal is to help venues balance the adjustment of human behavior and interaction needed to benefit public health and keep Austin’s cultural heartbeat beating through live music.

Mishawaka Amphitheatre – Compliance Checklist

Mishawaka is a legendary music venue, restaurant and bar located in the stunning Poudre Canyon in Bellvue, CO. ‘The Mish’ can be found 13.7 miles up the Poudre Canyon Highway (CO 14). The Highway begins approximately 10 miles northwest of Fort Collins, and is part of the Northern Colorado Loop Tour.