The Launchpad is a new series of music business-focused workshops from The Music District. Topics range from filing taxes as a musician to diversifying revenue streams, and the workshops are designed for both musicians and those working in the music industry. We look forward to in-person workshops in the future; at the moment, all Launchpad workshops will take place online and can be streamed from the Music District Facebook Page. If you have a topic you’d like to see covered in the future, please reach out to Mickey Davis at

Upcoming Launchpads:

November 9: The Launchpad – Producing Records

Join The Music District for a virtual conversation with the technical and creative leaders behind a recording project. When bringing a producer into your project, what are you asking their role to be? How do you determine which style of producer is right for the music you’d like to make? For this launchpad, we’re bringing in producers from all sides of the board – Anne Gauthier, Brandy Zdan, Erik Blood – to share their unique experience and insight and to answer questions for our artist community.

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Previous Launchpads:

June 8: The Launchpad – Producing for Sync Licensing with Spencer Bastian

The Music District sat down with producer, songwriter, and musician Spencer Bastian on producing music for sync. We will discussed what makes an industry quality production and how he has used his skillset to find success in the industry of sync licensing. Spencer has worked with musicians such as The Chainsmokers, Ty Dolla $ign, and Demi Lovato, and his songs have been placed in a number of TV shows / theatrical movies, as well as ads / promos for top brands including HBO, Best Buy, Hulu, and Chevrolet.

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May 18: The Launchpad – Songwriting for Sync Masterclass with Erin Barra

We were joined by Erin Barra, director of Popular Music at Arizona State University, who led a masterclass in writing for sync and understanding how to identify your “brand” as a musician and with potential clients.

Along with her role at ASU, Erin is also Executive Director of Beats by Girlz and a course developer for Berklee Online.

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May 6: The Launchpad – Returning to Live Music: A Conversation with Local Talent Buyers

The music industry faces a new reality as coronavirus restrictions loosen and more of the population is vaccinated. While a return to live music is on the horizon, many questions are still unanswered, from when that horizon may be to how the show experience for the audience and band members will be different.

The Music District brought together a panel of local talent buyers to discuss these issues and more.

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March 30: The Launchpad: Sync Licensing Editing and Creative Directing

The Music District staff talked with Sheri Solinger and Paula Aciego de Mendoza of Greenhouse, the in-house creative studio at Hulu.

Topics included song selection, the art of cutting the perfect track, and “trailerizing” in films – that is, creating and syncing the trailer.

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March 9: The Launchpad – Sync Licensing Representation

We talked with Kelly Ross, Head of Creative Licensing and Publishing Business Affairs at Zync Music. Zync is a powerful force in sync licensing, representing many notable artists including Alabama Shakes, Francis and the Lights, Odesza, Sleater-Kinney, Toro y Moi, and more for clients including Netflix, EPSN, Disney+, Apple, IKEA, and many others.

Kelly shared her advice on pitching songs for sync and positioning their music for sync opportunities.

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February 16: The Launchpad – Sync Licensing Music Supervision

Music supervisors play a crucial role in sync licensing placements by connecting the creators of music to the film and television productions that utilize that music to tell a story.

For this event, we were joined by music supervisor Joe Rudge (whose recent supervision work includes A24’s Midsommar and The Lighthouse) to explore the ins and outs of music supervision, from project inception to the final product.

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January 14: The Launchpad – Building a Career in Sync Licensing

Our kickoff panel on the topic of sync licensing featured musicians iDA HAWK, Spencer Bastian, and Randall Kent, all of whom have made sync licensing an important part of their careers.

The musicians shared their experience in building a career through building networks, collaboration, and creating sync-ready tracks.

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October 29, 2020: The Launchpad – Sync Licensing: placing your music in tv shows, film, video games, and advertisements

Our kickoff event for our sync licensing program featured Chip Herter, Music Director for Deutsch (working with Taco Bell, Dr. Pepper, Lowes, and more); Fabian Halabou, freelance music supervisor (Nike, Best Buy, Apple); and Nicole Churchill, co-founder of Assemble Sound.

This conversation includes an overview of the sync licensing industry and how musicians can make connections to build their career in sync.

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April 30, 2020: The Launchpad – Level Up your Livestream

Doug Usher (the VIA Company, 53:14) and Shane Zweygardt (Technical Manager at the Music District, singer and drummer of Wire Faces) talk all things livestream in this workshop, providing tips for all experience levels and budgets to help musicians transition to livestreams.

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