Upcoming Groove Theory: Wednesday, February 23 at the Music District. Learn more & click here to RSVP. 

What is Groove Theory?

It’s a producer meetup. Sometimes it’s a production masterclass. Groove Theory’s mission is to provide a place and format for music producers of all levels to share new, original works-in-progress and to get constructive and supportive feedback from fellow producers so we can all improve our craft.

Join the Discord server, or check this page for updates on Groove Theory special events.

Check out our Groove Theory Masterclass videos here:

Masterclass presenters for Groove Theory have included:

  • Michal Menert
  • Esseks
  • Frequent
  • Mumukshu
  • Keota
  • Alden Groves (Evoke)
  • 5AM
  • Droplitz
  • Kruza Kid
  • Kind Dub
  • KIN
  • Covex
  • Cualli
  • Moonfrog
  • Totem
  • John Broaddus