Green Rehearsal Room

From: $12.50/30 mins

Rehearsal room – Skeleton backline (see long description for details) – 12’ x 17’, fits a 5-6 piece band. Equipped with a Zoom LiveTrak L12 mixing board. Bring your own SD card and easily record your rehearsal session!

*Note: you may be charged for any damage or loss in conjunction with this rental.
**When you check in to access your room, you will be required to sign an updated terms of use agreement which includes accountability for damages.


  • Three guitar amps: Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III 40W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp, Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb 22 Watt 1×12 Guitar Combo Amplifier, Fender Vintage Reissue ’65 Twin Reverb 85W 2×12 Guitar Combo Amp
  • One bass amp: Eden Terra Nova TN226 225W Bass Head, Genz-Benz Uber Bass 4×10″ 1000w RMS Bass Speaker Cabinet
  • PA system: Two FBT Evo2 MaxX 4a Active Loudspeakers, Three SM58 Vocal Mics (includes stands and cables)
  • Mixing board: Zoom Livetrak L12
  • One Keyboard: Kawai MP7 Stage Piano
  • Drum kit: Pearl Decade Maple Kit: 10×8 Tom, 12×9 Tom, 16×16 Floor Tom, 22×18 Bass Drum, 14×5 Snare
  • Cymbals: Sabian XSR 14” Hi Hats, Sabian XSR 16” Crash, Sabian XSR 18” Crash, Sabian 20” Ride
  • Hardware: Pearl 900 Series Hi Hat Stand, Pearl 900 Series Cymbal Stand, Pearl 900 Series Bass Pedal
  • Two music stands included (more available upon request)
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