Episode 1: Bill Stevenson – Board Side Manner
In the first episode of our 7-part Blasting Room podcast we hear from Bill Stevenson about why he decided to relocate his bands from Los Angeles and start up a recording studio in Fort Collins, CO. He also discusses the early days of life in the studio, the engineers that influenced their initial production techniques, and some of the first projects recorded at the Blasting Room.

Episode 2: Jason Livermore – Everybody’s Punk
Jason Livermore shares how he learned that the Blasting Room existed, and talks about his decision to take a leap of faith from Washington to Fort Collins, Colorado. He also discusses some of the people he learned from who shaped his production techniques, and the reasons for the studio’s initial success in the earlier years.

Episode 3: Andrew Berlin – The B Room
Andrew Berlin tells us how he found out about the studio and the work ethic he exhibited to become an intern and eventual staff member at The Blasting Room. He also discusses creating the first expansion of the studio, recording local artists, and the types of production roles that he fills at the studio.

Episode 4: Chris Beeble – An Inability to Quit
Chris Beeble shares how he transitioned from an audio engineering student to an intern and then eventually a staff member of The Blasting Room. He also discusses his deep respect for the recording studio and the work ethic he exhibited that gave him some unique contributions that the studio was in need of.

Episode 5: Jonathan Luginbill – Carving Out Space
Jonathan Luginbill recounts his journey from Ohio to Fort Collins, CO and how he went about becoming an intern and eventually a staff member at The Blasting Room. He also discusses how he realized the unique set of skills he could bring to the studio, and illustrates how they went about carving out space in their existing building to create two new production suites.

Episode 6: The Family Vibe
The entire staff of the Blasting Room contributes their thoughts about the family of musicians that the studio has fostered over the last 25 years and the overall principles that guide the studio’s culture. They also discuss how the studio has grown up with the bands it has worked with and how the idea for hosting a 25-year anniversary celebration came to be.

Episode 7: Music for Music’s Sake
The entire staff of The Blasting Room discusses the changes they have experienced in the recording industry over the last 25 years. They also share their views on the future of recording and how the recording studio will always be a place for artists to improve their musical creations.


Songs from this podcast: 

About The Blasting Room

For over 25 years The Blasting Room has been recording and producing acclaimed and celebrated records for bands from around the world. Co-owned by legendary punk rock duo, songwriter/drummer Bill Stevenson and his engineer counterpart Jason Livermore, The Blasting Room is a 4,000 square foot professional recording studio featuring two discreet facilities, SSL and API consoles, a dedicated editing suite, a kitchenette, and full living quarters with all the conveniences of home. The Blasting Room was built in 1994 by members of Descendents, ALL, and Black Flag, and is located two miles from Historic Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado. Our skilled and experienced staff have over 80 years of combined experience in the recording industry, and a vast collection of state of the art and vintage recording gear at their fingertips.

Bill Stevenson

Owner / Producer / Engineer

As the founder and main songwriter of the legendary pop-punk godfathers Descendents, and drummer of the seminal punk band, Black Flag, Bill Stevenson’s songwriting, drumming, and producing career spans twenty-eight years. Raised in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, Bill was just coming of age during the first wave of late 70’s L.A. punk. Now living in Colorado, Bill and his studio partner Jason Livermore host a dozen or more national acts each year in his studio, The Blasting Room (built by Bill and the other members of his group All). Stevenson continues to tour and record with his bands: All, The Descendents, and Only Crime, but in the last decade has focused much of his time on producing records at the Blasting Room.

Jason Livermore

Owner / Producer / Engineer

Jason received his first snare drum the age of three. Years later, Jason took up bass and guitar, but returned to drums because he liked them better. In junior high Jason discovered punk rock. His first vinyl purchase was the infamous, “Milo Goes to College”. He played in various bands throughout high school and college, recording some of these himself. After college, he decided that recording was probably going to be cooler than selling beer for Miller, his job at the time. Upon hearing that ALL was opening the Blasting Room in 1994, he moved to Fort Collins to land the job of a lifetime. Jason has been working at the studio ever since and in 2015 he became co-owner alongside Bill Stevenson. He has worked on about 95% of the albums that have come out of the studio. Jason has also played drums for Wretch Like Me, Drag the River, Bill The Welder, Soul City Missionaries, and The Virginia Sisters.

Andrew Berlin

Producer / Engineer

Andrew Berlin, GRAMMY nominated engineer, mixer, and producer for Gregory Alan Isakov’s record Evening Machines, has been a full-time engineer at The Blasting Room for over 18 years. When he isn’t at the studio he is busy feeding the goats, horses, chickens, and ducks (and more!) on the farm he helps run with his wife and two kids. One of Andrew’s strengths is his cross-genre experience; he records and mixes national punk rock staples such as A Wilhelm Scream and Teenage Bottlerocket, helps singer-songwriters translate what’s in their heads into records everyone involved is proud of, and works with his fellow engineers at The Blasting Room on national and international records with artists like Rise Against and Kemuri. Andrew is in touch with a large community of Colorado-based musicians who can lend can their personality and talents to a song or record if needed. Andrew’s goal is to facilitate the technical and emotional creation of each recording in a way that’s enjoyable, original, and ultimately within the band’s vision – always pushing for best performances and spontaneous ideas.

Chris Beeble

Producer / Engineer / Administration

Chris received a degree in Audio Production from The University of Denver, where he also studied jazz bass and composition. Being heavily influenced by Bill, Jason, and Andrew’s work, it has been Chris’ ambition to work at The Blasting Room since high school. With a musical background that spans far across the spectrum, Chris brings unique tools to the studio such as experience in synth programming, string arranging, and signal processor construction, among others. There is nothing he enjoys more than working with bands and seeing a song grow from start to finish.

Jonathan Luginbill

Operations / Restoration

The youngest member of the Blasting Room Staff, Jonathan graduated from Bluffton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a self-guided focus in recording and technology. Jonathan grew up in the small college town of Bluffton, Ohio where he became a lover of music at a young age. Taking first piano, then saxophone and voice lessons, Jonathan developed the ability to quickly pick up and learn new instruments. He considers being well versed in many types of instruments key to his creativity and integral to his job as an audio engineer. While Jonathan still enjoys playing and creating his own music, he is much more passionate about helping others realize the full potential of their own craft.

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