The MUSICIAN’S HELP DESK is a podcast of “real talk’’ between working musicians about the sometimes sweet and frequently stifling realities of commercial music-making. We talk creative processes, influences, and inspirations, AND cover the less trodden territory of the intense resourcefulness, ingenuity, chops, and grit that keep careers on the road with sacrifice riding shotgun.

On CONNECT CALLS, we connect a musician with a question to an industry expert with an answer and hope their conversation informs musicians and music supporters worldwide.

Season One Episodes:

Episode 1: Wildermiss

Episode 2: La Luz

Episode 3: Music Licensing

Episode 4: The Still Tide

Episode 5: Native Stranger

Episode 6: In the Whale

Episode 7: Surround Sound Bash Connect Call

Episode 8: PR Campaigns

Episode 9: Nate Meese

Episode 10: Spencer Townshend Hughes

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