For Mark Austin, Elli Perry, and Corey Spangler (founders of the Native Stranger Artist Collective) the years spent on the road pursuing industry model music careers left them feeling disconnected—from their community, core values and the well-spring of creativity that set them in motion. A fortuitous Fort Collins meeting would lead to the three aligning their intention – creating an artistic future together not aimed toward the model success of the art made, but focused in the quality of life though which it’s generated.  They talk about that experience, their commitment to each other’s work, and the launch of their respective AND collective creative works on September 8.
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Native Stranger
Native Stranger, a Fort Collins based artist – worker collective rooted in community, collaboration and intentional commitment to each member’s creative work launches officially on September 8th with a multi-layer release of music, photography, and literature from founding artists Elli Perry (singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer/visual artist), Pappy LongLegs (singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/luthier), and Cory Marshall Spangler (photographer/author). The launch will begin with a week long artist engagement at The Music District, and will culminate with an immersive multi-media performance and installation at The Downtown Artery.

Elli Perry
Elli Perry began her career as a performing singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer at age twelve, by sneaking onto barroom stages in her native state of Georgia. During the subsequent eighteen years, she has independently released multiple albums of original material, designed and co-directed numerous music videos, written charting songs for other artists, maintained the responsibilities of manager, booking agent, and publicist, and has toured aggressively across the United States, Canada, and Europe. She released two albums, Little Thieves and Totality in a ten month span between 2017-2018, and is currently at work writing her next LP.

Pappy LongLegs
Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and accomplished luthier Pappy LongLegs transitioned from touring across the country as a member of various rock and Americana bands, to becoming an innovative leader of the creative community in Fort Collins after moving to Colorado in 2012. He is the owner, operator and head luthier of Cloverlick Banjo Shop, a local hub of creative activity and community enrichment. His debut solo record, AppleButter, recorded locally with the help of many Front Range musicians, is one of the first releases from Native Stranger Artist Worker Collective.
Cloverlick Banjo Shop

Cory Marshall Spangler
Pittsburgh native Cory Marshall Spangler has been a laborer and artist his whole life. From his Rust Belt roots, loading pallets in warehouses and driving vending trucks, to becoming a seasonal farm hand while traveling coast to coast, the labor he has done with his hands has directly informed his creative life. A self taught writer and photographer, Spangler amassed a large collection of what he has coined “photopoems” that were created while living, roaming, and working in an RV with his wife, Elli Perry. Spangler is currently at work publishing volume one of Native Stranger Periodical – a blue collar photograph and literary serial. The debut issue chronicles a season spent working on a small farm in Fort Collins, Colorado.