Anna Morsett of The Still Tide speaks to the Help Desk one month (and one recording session) after her Music District Writing artist engagement. Anna brings multifaceted musical experience to the Help Desk as a band leader, supporting musician, guitar tech, and songwriter. We dive into the mysteries and the methodologies of Anna’s creative process, talk about some of her tricks for integrating professionally with other bands on guitar and bass, and discuss the ever present artistic need to “make” and “connect” through music.

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About The Still Tide:Described best as “… a little sweet spot where indie rock, shoegaze and folk rock all intersect” (Blurt Online), The Still Tide is the seasoned, luminous sound of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Anna Morsett, co-founding member and guitarist Jacob Miller and the Denver based rhythm section of drummer Joe Richmond and bassist Nate Meese.

Since leaving Brooklyn for Colorado, Anna and her collaborators have put out four EPs and have been hard at work touring, crafting songs and becoming a valued part of Denver’s music scene. A more tender and solo driven follow-up to their previous full band release (Run Out, 2017 out on Greater Than Collective) the band’s latest EP “Each, After” showcases Anna’s intricate guitar work and brings her heartfelt songwriting back into focus as the heart of the project. She performs both on her own and with her full band bringing these songs to life in two wonderfully different ways.



H4n Zoom Recorder (Anna uses this to record rehearsals)