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This episode features a question from Amol Kitwadkar, who inquired about the viability of in-ear monitors for his band, Unified Diversity. Kyle & Alysia sat down with Kevin Gregory from Washington’s FoCo to learn all about the ins and outs of in-ear monitors!

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Kevin’s recommendations for Unified Diversity:

In-ear monitor equipment list
In-ear monitor rig diagram and notes

Unified Diversity’s new in-ear monitor rig details:

Unified Diversity’s in-ear monitor gear list

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About Unified Diversity:

Unified Diversity started as a Bollywood pop fusion band in 2013; since then gaining more popularity from music festivals in America like FoCoMX and New West Fest. Influences include modern pop, Indian Classical and Bollywood, Latin rhythms, Middle Eastern scales, EDM synths, and jazz. Their dream is to work with musicians from all over the world; professional and folk, to create music that is not limited to one place, one genre, or one language.

This effort toward unity is how we can care for each other and the planet we live on, and is the band’s inspiration and mission.

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