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Vocal Performance MasterclassWorkshopThe Music District - 639 S CollegeFree
  • 2:30pm
  • 4:30pm
  • Saturday May 6

StudioK Music is hosting a vocal master class at The Music District focusing on vocal stage performance. The goal of this class is to help you build your confidence performing in front of a group. Our master class teacher, Christian Mark Gibbs, comes to us with incredible training and experience from New York. He has passion to help every student leave with confidence in their voice and performance!

Please select either the 2:30pm or 4:30pm session–there are 10 spaces available per session. 

What to expect:
-You will get a second opinion from an experienced performer.
-We will record a video for you to evaluate your 2-3 minute performance and review your feedback.
-We will have a professional accompanist that will follow you and make your song communicates deeper.
-Current StudioK Music students will be performing in this venue two weeks after the workshop. So this is your dress rehearsal!
-Stage fright and self conscious thoughts are combated in a group with constructive and positive feedback.


Christian Gibbs comes to Colorado from New York City. He recently performed with Opera Fort Collins as an understudy for both roles of Arturo and Normanno in a performance of Lucia di Lammermoor. His other recent opera roles include an understudy of Caliph in Kismet with Loveland Opera Theatre, Le Chevalier in Poulenc’s Dialogues des Carmelites, and Miles Gloriosus from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. To learn more about his performing and experience visit Christian Mark Gibb’s website.

Tom Brosseau: Aspects of SongwritingWorkshopThe Music District - 639 S CollegeFree
  • 6:00pm
  • Friday May 12

Join musical storyteller Tom Brosseau in an exploration of the aspects of songwriting:

-Talk & Music

-Ideas & Influences

-Guitar Technique

-Folk Songs & The American Songbook

-And other neat things!


Photo by Lars Topelmann

Tom Brosseau, North Dakota-born and LA-seasoned, is a songwriter, guitar player & singer. He learned acoustic guitar from his grandmother. Brosseau has toured Japan, Canada, Portugal, Iceland, Australia; performed in bars, backyards, grand halls, subways, theaters, old folks homes; exchanged songs and poetry with many talented folks, including Susan Orlean, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Patrick Marber, Bonnie Raitt and the late Sam Hinton. Brosseau also sings and plays guitar with Becky Stark and John C. Reilly in John Reilly & Friends.

Tom Brosseau on his background: “I grew up with music in the church, in the school, music at home. I learned a lot of hymnal and folk songs, both traditional and contemporary, and since I was influenced by what my grandparents listened to, in a sense I studied the singers and songwriters of the great American songbook.”

His songs have been chosen by Natalie Portman for her charity compilation, covered by Chris Thile (Punch Brothers, host of Prairie Home Companion), and featured in the Judd Apatow Netflix series, “Love” season one.

Not long after Brosseau moved to Los Angeles in 2003, he began performing at the renowned club, Largo, where he met Sara and Sean Watkins (Watkins Family Hour, Nickel Creek). Sean Watkins recorded Brosseau’s much praised 2014 release, Grass Punks, and the 2016 album, North Dakota Impressions.
Brosseau travelled to Bristol UK to work with John Parish (PJ Harvey) who produced Brosseau’s 2015 album, Perfect Abandon. Tom and a 3-piece band recorded the album live at The Cube theater in Bristol UK, using only a single mic.

For 2017, Brosseau is releasing a live concert album, recorded in Cologne Germany. A limited release on vinyl, it features both original acoustic songs and covers of some of Tom’s favorites with liner notes by Dr Daniel J. Levitin (author, This Is Your Brain on Music & more).

Looping 101WorkshopThe Music District - 639 S CollegeFree
  • 2:30pm
  • Saturday June 3
Looping can be accessible for anyone.  Today’s artists have access to a wide spectrum of technology, from a simple app to a large pedal and everything in between. This workshop aims to introduce and demonstrate three very different setups to those interested in looping (but don’t know where to start) and musicians just starting to loop and want to develop their craft further.
Performing instructors:
Each of the 3 performers will set up in 3 separate rooms. Attendees will take a “demo tour” together. Each performer will introduce their setup, briefly describe how it works, and perform 1 – 3 songs that illustrate those concepts. Attendees will then report to a breakout session in the room of their choice. This allows people to try some hands-on exploration with the technology they are most drawn to (e.g. the iPad app versus the 6+ input pedals). They can also ask more specific questions, and the artist can discuss & demonstrate more advanced techniques with their technology.
  • 2:30pm Meet in lobby of the Music District and introduce performers
  • 2:40pm Rachel Ann’s demo (Room 1)
  • 3:00pm Riley Ann’s demo (Room 2)
  • 3:20pm Tiffany Christopher’s demo (Room 3)
  • 3:20-4:30pm Breakout sessions (attendees report to the room of their choice)
Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble Musicians: An Open WorkshopWorkshopThe Sisters - 639 S College
  • 7:00pm
  • Tuesday June 20

This is a chance to meet the members of Yo-Yo Ma’s Grammy winning Silk Road Ensemble, learn about their instruments (shinobue, frame drums) and performing traditions. Hands on or off, come join us! You certainly don’t need to be a musician. Just a curious observer!

Please RSVP through Off the Hook Arts.

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