Work with Betsy Perna one-on-one.

  • Learn to play Himalayan Singing Bowls. Goals include striking and rubbing the bowls to clear energy centers, induce deep relaxation and enhance healing for yourself and others. We’ll also work with singing bowls to enrich meditation benefits.
  • Enjoy an individual, sound healing session. Featuring bliss-filled, bowl-sound vibrations, Betsy’s sessions last about 30-40 minutes. Process your experience with tea afterwards.

Location: The Music District at 639 South College Avenue, Fort Collins

Certified by Atma Buti Sound Healing School in Boulder, Betsy has been practicing ancient Tibetan healing methods by using singing bowls for inducing balanced body rhythms, relaxation and meditation; since 2006.

Please call (970) 430-0899 to discuss opportunities. You could also copy and paste the following address into your email platform: Thank you for your interest.