Due to Covid-19, the Music District is currently closed. Rooms will be available for booking when the Music District reopens. Stay tuned.

The Music District offers an abundance of space for rehearsing and collaborating. There are three soundproof rehearsal rooms (with a variety of backline and equipment rental options), three sound-mitigated practice rooms, and a beats lab. You can rent spaces by the hour with prices from $7.50 – $30.00 per hour. Rooms and prices are listed below. 

The Living Room has a stage with PA and lighting to practice in front of audiences before you hit the clubs. Please call to discuss reserving this space.

All Rehearsal and Instructor Lesson rooms have large windows, so natural light is available in all rooms pictured below.

When booking a room, if you are requesting a special set-up, please include that in the notes in your reservation. Custom set-up is a part of your reserved time.