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My name is Joseph Starr Lessard and I’m a violin instructor here at the Music District. I’ve been playing violin and fiddle styles professionally since 2003 and touring with my bands, Head for the Hills and Whiskey Blanket. I started playing violin at age eight, studying the Suzuki method until I graduated high school in 2003. I completed my Bachelors of Science in 2010 with a degree in Music Business from the University of Colorado, Denver, where I have subsequently lectured about touring economics and music marketing, to name a few.


I’m excited to teach violin and fiddle students of all ages, skill levels, and genres, but I am especially inspired by self-motivated students who know a bit of what they want to gain from the experience. Learning what the student wants to focus on helps me create a lesson plan that caters to the student specifically, while making sure to build the basis of fundamental techniques and good habits important to every genre. My years of experience playing classical, bluegrass, and hip hop styles has left me with a unique approach to playing rhythm, accompanying others, and improvising that I really enjoy teaching to others. If you’re interested in exploring the myriad possibilities the violin/fiddle has to offer, contact me and we can customize your musical adventure at the Music District!