Mbira // Virtual lessons available // Contact: musicalallie99@gmail.com

Allison Keller is a student at Colorado State University and has taught African music classes of all ages. Aside from studying and teaching, she performs with the band ZiMbira on vocals and hosho (Zimbabwean shakers similar to maracas). She started playing marimba at the ripe age of seven, where she fell in love with the music and culture of Zimbabwe, leading her to travel to Harare in December 2018 for the first time. Over the years, she has been in kids’ bands, pre-performance bands, and teen performance bands through the Kutandara Center in Boulder, where she grew up fully immersed in all different types of music and learned to teach several instruments, including ngoma (drums), mbira (thumb piano), marimba (xylophone), hosho, and singing. Her passions (aside from music) include being outdoors with her two dogs and spending time with friends and family.