About playing African Marimba:

The instrument is percussion, similar to a xylophone. It’s a study of fitting notes together to make specific rhythmic patterns rooted in Africa. Bottom line, it’s the music! It is fun to play and it sounds good!
Students are taught aurally (through listening) by repeating what is heard and navigate the instrument from identified keys. Once success is experienced in unison, a complimentary part is introduced to add to the complexity of the sound. And so it goes… Adults and kids love it. Beginners and advanced players love it!  All levels of musicianship welcome, including the real beginner, adults and youth from age 7. Begin with private lessons to learn the basics; prepare yourself to join a group if that’s what interests you.

About the teacher:

Carla Starck began teaching Zimbabwean-style marimba in Fort Collins in 2005 – both community and after-school programs. Her connection to this music style began in 2000, and her passion continues to this day.
She’s been a member of three professional performing groups, Musangano, Zebra Marimba and currently The Low Flying Knobs Marimba Band, performing public and private events year ‘round (i.e. Denver Center for Performing Arts; KRFC Live @ Lunch).  Weekly rehearsals allow for continued study of the complexities of the rhythms found in this traditional music. Carla joined the organizing staff of Zimfest in 2013, producing a Zimbabwean Music festival held annually in the Pacific Northwest, where she also teaches.

What are your goals? We’ll create a program for you. Marimba provided in-studio

Contact Carla at FortCollinsMarimba@gmail.com