Audio Production & Songwriting // In-person & virtual lessons available // Contact:

Trenton is simply passionate about music production and songwriting techniques. He advocates the idea of helping every student successfully achieve their own unique creative potential and voice. With a technical understanding of audio production and musical software combined with a unique and intuitive approach to songwriting. He will provide you with a personal blueprint for your own unique platform of creativity.

He currently releases and records music in his home studio in Fort Collins, writes for other artists, and occasionally performs in other musical groups/ local performances as a keyboardist singer/songwriter and guitarist. He likes to spend his time exploring new ideas; experiencing Colorado’s cultural and natural landscapes, and researching introspective techniques to bring new horizons to his creativity. As the president of the Audio Production club in his final years of secondary school, he is very passionate about assisting fellow students and learners on how to reach their own creative potential. He believes in the sociological importance of art and creative pursuits and will attempt to bring your experience with music to the next level.