Build / Service Instruments

Makerspaces, visiting luthiers, equipment makers and instrument repair professionals will offer – and teach – their skills in programs and spaces throughout the Music District. Stay tuned for upcoming offerings and schedules.

Write / Compose

When great environments, tools, and inspiration meet, creativity thrives. Find inspiration in the Library, the Treehouse, and other great spaces around the campus.


Multimedia & Production

To survive in the music business, you need to leverage media to its fullest extent. We can help provide tools and hands-on experience for you to learn how, or we can help you understand Electronic Press Kits (EPK), band photography, video, web sites, social media, and more. Through workshops, one-on-one training, and our media lab, we can connect you to the pros or help you do it yourself.

The Music District is not just for musicians. At the Music District, we can help you learn basic production skills in sound and lighting, production, and support. Run lights or sound during a practice performance, help with pre-production audio, or learn how to be a stagehand and more.

Reserve Spaces

Perform / Share

Work with others in our practice and rehearsal rooms, co-write songs in our shared spaces, get feedback in song circles and workshops, engage in online collaboration with our community. Share your recording demos in the spin station in the Library or post your work on our digital workstations for feedback. Work on live performances in our great room with sound and lighting support. When you’re ready, get connected to other venues and professional recording spaces in Fort Collins and beyond.

Attend Workshops

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