Home City: Laramie, WY

Settled between national forests and prairie highlands, Laramie, Wyoming’s Wynona formed in 2010 out of the apartment jam sessions of Robert Joyce (guitar, vox) and Connor Novotny (drums). They played house shows for friends, testing out genres and names along the way. “Apple Juice, Apple Juice Flood” didn’t stick, “Blob Dylan” didn’t make the cut either, but after growing in number and in maturity of sound thanks to the addittion of Larson Lind (bass) the band became Bookly (or We Is Very Bookly). Soon adding one John Wilhelm (guitar) to the line-up, the band’s long genesis took living, breathing formation and came to be called Wynona.

Wynona’s music is hard hitting and immersive. The ocean of sound that the band creates is at times calm, placid and purifying, only to be turned on its head at a moments notice cascading, chaotic, crashing down in deep swells of sound that mezmerize and transcend. In the live setting, the artists lose themselves into the experience of the moment, taking listeners along with them into the living depths of the musical experience at hand.

From the band:

“We’d like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who helped make our record “Rest is History”. All of our friends, family, and fellow musicians have influenced and shaped our music and we couldn’t be happier. In particular we’d like to thank Alysha Kraft and The Fort Collins Music District for putting us up for a few nights in a swanky apartment so we could focus on making music. The Music District has all the components of a functioning music and art community and we are happy to be apart of it’s earliest days.  We’d also like to thank Collin Ingram for producing the record, showing us how to play Buck Hunter, and shot-gunning beers like a pro. Thanks to Tyler Shwabb for hanging out with us and documenting and editing the video of the making of the record. We hope you enjoy the music and look forward to seeing you all in the future. Linked below is more information on the Fort Collins Music District and contact info for both Collin and Tyler.”