Home City: Boulder, CO

After three long days of dedicating four musical minds to seven original compositions, what takes shape? The original music of Tierro Lee has taken on many different arrangements at a variety of tempos with a melange of timbres, but the time finally came to create an arrangement to be captured in the first Tierro Band with Bridget Law recording. The time spent at the Music District was dedicated to shaping these tunes in the most creative and thoughtful way possible, so that once recorded the listener can go on the journey that these tunes are capable of leading. Tierro Band with Bridget Law has played many great shows, often high energy where people naturally trance and dance; but the listening experience is different than a dance party and that is where this time comes in.

About the band:

Live, Tierro Band with Bridget Law delivers a tribal beat, mystic dance experience. Sensual melodies rip into a fusion of earth shaking rhythms that insist you follow, dance, and let go of your inhibitions. Backed up by the drumming skills of Jonny Jyemo, and bass master Charlie Parker, Tierro’s lead guitar stylings conjure up images of Carlos Castaneda, Santana, David Gilmore and Ravi Shankar. Recently added, is the vivacious and sweet violin playing of Miss Bridget Law known for her work with the Nederland birthed band Elephant Revival. Together these four musicians present complex instrumental arrangements that excite the body and stimulate the mind finding the balance between intellectual music and trance.