July 7 – July 11

Home City: Denver, CO

Sarah Slater, co-founder and creative director at Titwrench Collective, cheerfully agreed to spend some time in July at the Music District writing grants, reflecting on the just-wrapped Titwrench Festival in Stockholm, and connecting with like-minded music community cultivators.

Sarah was interviewed by music community advocate Hannah Copeland, alongside Greta Cornett and Bridget Law. Sarah, Greta, and Bridget all worked to produce music festivals that are celebrating 10 years in 2018 (Titwrench, FoCoMX, and Sister Winds, respectively), and they had a lot of common ground to cover when it came to discussing DIY ethos, music community volunteerism and finding the resources needed to sustain a longstanding labor of love.

Listen to her give expert insight on DIY Festival Success on our Find Your Place in Music Podcast: Episode 1.