Oct 31 – Nov 4

Home City: Detroit, MI

As a hardworking interdisciplinary artist with strong Detroit roots, Sacramento Knoxx has built community concerts and  workshops that engaged many audiences in public spaces all around the city. Currently, he travels nationally and internationally sharing interactive music performances, blending captured moments in life & creative imagery through large projection motion graphics. Building from raw experience and grit his works send vibrations to help assemble the worlds we want to live in. In addition to creating these dynamic storytelling installations, he creates documentary film and music video encapsulating the experience of struggle and celebration of diverse layers of communities.

While in at the Music District, Knoxx led a workshop in partnership with Kind Dub on the Art of Sampling – Creating a New Vibe. He also crafted a song in our beat labs with New Mexico MCs K.Benally & Letsjusb–in just one day! Read about their process and take a listen below:

Here’s the music video for his track “Dirty Politix”, written and produced by Sacramento Knoxx himself: