Nov 8 – Nov 11

Home City: Portland, OR / Fort Collins, CO

Colorado-raised but residing in the Pacific Northwest, dynamic MC Qbala returned to her home state to take part in an artist engagement at the Music District. Qbala worked with EvrGlo Media to produce a video highlighting  her as a musician and documenting her experience while here. She also participated in “Dinner With a Band”, a podcast series hosted in the Dining Room of Sisters by KCSU.

Check out Qbala in action at the Music District in this artist engagement recap video:

Fierce. Determined. Fresh. Qbala’s delivery and flow have been described many ways. The emcee out of Northern Colorado has a strong message, a relentless ambition, and an insatiable need to reach the masses. Hailing from Loveland, CO, this emcee brings a unique mix of old school/new school hip hop/boombap to the shows that have become a mainstay in the Rocky Mountain Region hip hop scene. After a successful career in college basketball, Qbala moved into full time music, leaving the court behind for the studio and the mic. 

With the 2011 release “My State of Dementia,” Qbala anchored a spot in the ranks of seasoned performers, offering up lyrics on everything from sexuality to hustling for a name in the spotlight. Followed by the underground project, “Unfinished Business,” which was written and recorded through the 2004-2007 and released digitally in 2014. Qbala moved forward through more intricate beats, flowing lyrics, punching statements, and the “in your face” messages that Qbala Music has become associated with. Now, with the December, 2014 EP release of “Dark Side of the Rain,” Qbala moves into a new realm of more poignant, personal, and memorable lyrics and collaborations with other artists. The stage is set, Qbala is on it, and the world waits to see the next quick move from this prolific emcee and performer. Her a
wards include Westword Fem Emcee 2012 (Colorado), and the Bandwagon 2013 Winner.