Sept 4 – Sept 9

Home City: Fort Collins, CO

Native Stranger is a working artist collective based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The three collaborative partners of Native Stranger used the Music District to work on individual projects with the support of their collective team in preparation for the official launch party of Native Stranger at the Downtown Artery on Saturday, September 9th. Elli Perry worked to put together a backing band for the first time in several years and promote her most recent release while simultaneously writing her subsequent record; Mark Austin (Rooster), pursuing a solo career after many years of playing in bands, prepared for the release of his album AppleButter, which is the culmination of nearly a full year’s labor. Cory Spangler, in his dedication to a daily chronicle of agrarian life and community, prepared to self-publish the initial volume of the Native Stranger serial.

While on campus, the group sat down with The Musician’s Help Desk Podcast to discuss creative process, collaboration and collectivism. Listen to the Native Stranger Podcast here!