Oct 25 – Oct 31

Home City: Nashville, TN

Matt Rowland joined us from Nashville, TN where he works as a player, cowriter and arranger.

While at the Music District, Matt Rowland brought to campus the Spaceship of the Imagination (SOTI) – a synthesizer band and theater troupe. The directors of the work are also members of the pit orchestra, composing and performing the music. While at the Music District, SOTI worked on composing, programming and organizing music, editing and compiling video content for the show and its publicity, managing Human Resources in Nashville, all while making sure they come in under budget.

Matt Rowland hosted two public events while at the Music District. The first was a Synthesizer Hang on October 26th, with musical performances, a rundown of gear used and of musical processes. Their topics included analog and digital synthesis, midi implementation, clock sharing, arranging techniques and the overall creative process. He also hosted an Open Rehearsal on October 30th. For this, SOTI set up shop in the Living Room of the Music District for a work session open to the public, and hosted a Q&A to discuss creative process and collaboration and creative group ritual in the modern day.

Artist Statement:

“I am a keyboard player, cowriter, and arranger in Nashville. I’ve been on the road for most of the first fifteen years of my career, and inbetween I’ve written, played, and arranged on numerous records. I also have a Christmas synthesizer band that has morphed into a theatrical production company. I’m currently transitioning into running that full time, and being a session player in Nashville when I’m old and grey. I’m getting there. Our theater troupe is currently working on it’s most adventurous and ambitious work to date, and my other musical collaborations grow in scope, reach, and creativity.”

Check out Matt Rowland’s synth-laced take on this ol’ ditty from Steve Winwood: