April 2 – April 10

Home City: Nashville, TN

Read through Matt’s personal account of his stay at the Music District in our guest blog.

Matt Campbell is an American troubadour. Originally from Colorado, the part poet, politician, provocateur and performer returned to the Centennial state with his band for an artist engagement on our campus in Fort Collins. In addition to performing at the Magic Rat and collaborating with local musicians Trisha Adams & Brian Johanson, Matt Campbell also recorded the 20th episode of his “For The People” series while here at the Music District. Listen below:

About Matt Campbell:

Matt Campbell is an American troubadour, the likes of Woody Guthrie and Ernest Tubb. That is to say, as a songwriter and performer Campbell covers considerable ground. Part poet, politician, and provocateur, he is a familiar and timeless presence. Perhaps he wears a suit or pearl buttons, boots and a hat. He almost always wears a hat, and offers a handshake. And a smile. With vivid lyrical imagery and melodies he sings songs that raise questions, songs that give thanks, songs that stir up long forgotten and fleeting memories. Across the guitar strings, his fingers like a freight train, or a feather bed. And a voice like no one else. Remarkably, his own. Too convincing to be classic. He’ll want to know who you are and where you’re from. To hear a good joke or debate the issue of the day. Or quietly raise a glass to your hospitality, for listening. With a “thank you” and a “see you next time,” off he goes, to count the miles until he does it again. Up and out with sun. Boots and a hat. Almost always a hat. And a smile.