May 24 – May 27

Home City: Los Angeles

Joining us in the midst of their North American release tour for “Floating Features”, La Luz spent a few days at the Music District and shared a rare morning off tour to record an interview for the Musician’s Help Desk Podcast.

The band talks of inspirations on the road, their hand in the music videos released with the record, and discuss moves made to accommodate artistic evolution. Check out the conversation here!

Los Angeles, California’s La Luz were formed in the summer of 2012 by Shana Cleveland (guitar), Marian Li Pino (drums), Alice Sandahl (keyboard) and Lena Simon (bass). Everyone sings.

Adopting the name La Luz (Spanish for “the light”), the new group wasted no time getting into the studio (in this case, a makeshift recording setup in a trailer), releasing a four-song EP, Damp Face before the year was out. In 2013, La Luz dropped 7″ singles on two über-hip indie labels, Suicide Squeeze and Mississippi Records, and soon the Sub Pop-distributed Hardly Art label came calling, reissuing the Damp Face EP and in October 2013 issuing their first full-length album, It’s Alive.

In early 2015, La Luz started work on their second album, recording in a surfboard shop in San Dimas, California, with Ty Segall serving as producer and engineer. The finished product, titled Weirdo Shrine, was released by Hardly Art on August 7, 2015, and the group headed out on an international concert tour in support. La Luz traveled to California to record their third full-length album, 2018’s Floating Features. 

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