Jan 31 – Feb 3

Home City: Austin, TX

Small Houses (Jeremy Quentin) is an Austin, TX based solo, indie folk project featuring the songs, photos and poems of Flint, MI native, Jeremy Quentin. Thoughtful finger-style guitar playing 35mm renderings, and the words to accompany.

While at The Music District, Jeremy will pair up with local songwriter Sean Lamborne to co-write a song inspired by their surroundings in Fort Collins and at The Music District. He’ll also be joining FoCoMA Executive Director Matthew Fritz for a special edition of Musician’s Help Desk: Office Hours that will focus on educating local musicians on DIY touring. For over a decade Jeremy has sustained his career as an artist independently and has booked international tours without the assistance of an agent. He hopes he’ll be able to use this experience to aid northern Colorado musicians striving to tour sustainably.

In addition, Jeremy will spend the remainder of his time writing. When he reached out to Music District he said:
“I think words have mostly been overlooked in songwriting. Artists have relied on the redundancies most common in their genre for direction without considering the opportunity to utilize the malleability of language to describe their own lives. Poetry and lyricism would be my focus during my time in Fort Collins. I’d like to lock myself in your town, free from inhibition, and use the patience of the Colorado winter to inform how I can be a better writer, using my own words instead of others.”


Upcoming Shows:

1.31 – Ubisububi Room – Denver, CO
2.1 – House Show – Boulder, CO
2.2 – The Artery – Fort Collins, CO
2.4 – Side Door – Colorado Springs, CO

Catch Jeremy live on KRFC 88.9FM Wednesday, January 30th from 12pm-1pm!