May 7 – May 10

Home City: Fort Collins, CO

Head for the Hills prides itself on defying expectation, turning neophytes into converts and genre purists exploratory listeners. Remaining true to the roots of bluegrass while simultaneously looking to it’s future prospects, the band makes music that reaches into jazz, indie rock, hip hop, soul, world and folk to stitch together cutting edge songs that bridge the divide between past and future acoustic music. More than a decade in and after thousands of miles, hundreds of performances, a handful of independently released records, 4 times awarded Best Bluegrass in Colorado via Westword Magazine, and one new mandolin player–Head for the Hills is at their absolute peak, firing on all cylinders and winning the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere they go.

During their stay, Head For The Hills rehearsed for their decade long standing show at The Mishawaka, “Pickin’ on the Poudre”. Exploring new tones and players they utilized The Music District’s Blue Room to work with over a dozen local musicians across a variety of instruments.

To give back and include our local musicians they also hosted an open rehearsal at the Music District. The band was joined in their rehearsal room to by fans and community members to observe the flow of a how a touring band prepares for a large show. Check out footage from the live feed below!

For more, check out their guest blog detailing their experience as artists staying at the Music District.

Head for the Hills open rehearsal on campus at the Music District.

Posted by The Music District on Wednesday, May 9, 2018