Aug 1 – Aug 4

Home City: Brest, France

Egoprisme is a synth wave solo project mixing a post-punk guitar, vocals in French and English, and cold wave electronic sounds fronted by French artist Jean-Marc Le Droff. During his time at The Music District Jean-Marc collaborated with local synth band Sultan & Necromancer and for 3 days they utilized the Blue room to write & record new material. These sessions culminated in a performance at The Downtown Artery and have since led to the project being picked up by Tonn Recordings in Belfast, Ireland,  the same label that released Egoprisme’s 2017 release.

Egoprisme was also welcomed into Washington’s live room where he was able to spend a day workshopping his live show with Production Manager Kevin Gregory. Jean-Marc set up his stage gear in the audience area and so was able to listen to himself from the perspective of his listeners. Finally, MD staff were able to pair Jean-Marc with a local hearing health clinic who were able to fit him with custom molded and filtered plugs to help preserve his quality and quantity of hearing.

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