Nov 1 – Nov 6

Home City: Minneapolis, MN

Terrell Woods/Carnage The Executioner has spent over 20 years making music and working with youth and adults from all walks of life and various socio-economic backgrounds. He possesses a knack for establishing strong and healthy relationships. His specialties include fostering personal and artistic growth while helping all people find the voices they might not identify with just yet.

Terrell stands firm in his support and practice of provoking positive self-expression, nurturing leadership skills building and speaking in favor of social justice. He’s also no stranger to acting as a motivational speaker based on the hardships he’s overcome as a youth, and expressing the Do’s & Don’ts of being an independent, Do-It-Yourself artist.

10+ years of teaching beat boxing/vocal percussion and song writing has helped him build an impressive artist resume that extends all the way to Europe and Asia. The impression Terrell leaves behind will likely last a lifetime! Check out more of his work here.

Carnage will be leading two workshops while at the Music District. On Saturday, November 3rd Carnage and Kind Dub will present two hands-on opportunities to hone craft with a workshop on Beatboxing and Vocal Performance and another on Songwriting, Improv and Freestyling.

Carnage will be performing live at Odell Brewing Company at 5pm on Saturday, November 3rd following his workshops at the Music District.

Take a look at how Carnage runs his one-of-a-kind live show: