The inaugural Jam Tag launched with the legendary Bevin Luna providing the foundational track: her original song called “Crossed Wires.” Could there be a more aptly named tune for this, our test drive of distanced collaborative recording? The participants were game to give it a go with equal parts enthusiasm and professionalism.

Bevin started with vocals and guitar and tagged Jae Smith (Hotel WiFi) to contribute drums as the next layer. Then, Maxwell Tretter jumped in on bass. With the rhythm section secured, Aaron Varnell (Cactus Cat) added a sweet sax track and tagged Cary Morin (Ghost Dog) to round out the recording with a few more glimmering guitar bars. Finally, Team MD mixed and mastered the resulting song. Whew! Jam Tag 1 is done … but there are more rounds to come! Thanks to these first folks for knocking it out of the park.

Check out “Crossed Wires” here, complete with lyrics and Bevin’s thoughts on the track.

Bevin Luna

Bevin Luna’s guitar-and-gut-driven songs package sly intelligence inside a rough-and-rugged sound. Born in Hawaii as a military brat and raised in Memphis by a musical family with Caribbean and Southern roots, Bevin grew up steeped in the influences that compose her distinctive sound. Bevin flavors every show with a broad mix of styles. Her recordings pack short punches of grunge-influenced rock. Her songs sound like a mashup of the Pretenders, The Runaways, The Heartless Bastards and Mudhoney. Her shows might include at least as much country, folk or soul as roots rock. The diversity of sounds reflects the diversity in her background.