Have you ever dreamt of playing music with some of your favorite bands? Now you can!

The Music District is proud to present JamTag, an opportunity for musicians and music fans to collaborate with some of their favorite Northern Colorado artists!

How does JamTag work?

Each JamTag will revolve around a lead artist – an established Northern Colorado musician – who will provide the initial musical idea. Here’s where you come in: after the debut of the lead artist’s track, signups will open for collaborators to apply. The lead artist will then choose up to 5 collaborators to help finish the track. The final track will be mixed by our tech team here at the Music District!

JamTag, you’re it!

Current JamTag Artist

Bevin Luna

Bevin Luna’s guitar-and-gut-driven songs package sly intelligence inside a rough-and-rugged sound. Born in Hawaii as a military brat and raised in Memphis by a musical family with Caribbean and Southern roots, Bevin grew up steeped in the influences that compose her distinctive sound. Bevin flavors every show with a broad mix of styles. Her recordings pack short punches of grunge-influenced rock. Her songs sound like a mashup of the Pretenders, The Runaways, The Heartless Bastards and Mudhoney. Her shows might include at least as much country, folk or soul as roots rock.The diversity of sounds reflects the diversity in her background.

Bevin’s Track:
Application are now closed for Bevin Luna’s Jamtag! Stay tuned for the announcement of the next lead artist.