Techstars Startup Week Fort Collins is back, with ARTup Week — that unique bit of Fort Collins creative workforce flair that spotlights artists as entrepreneurs — set to turn up in the mix all throughout the week. (It’s really more than a week, but I’ll get to that.) From innovative enterprises to opportunities to check your tech, all culminating in an epic music-fueled quest, we’ve got a delectable startup week sandwich in store, covered and smothered with music. Note to self: don’t write blog posts at lunchtime. I digress. Anyway, here’s what you music-minded types need to know in order to chart your course at ARTup Week 2019.


It’s More than a Week

As long as you’re marking your calendar with music notes and smiley faces and little hearts, make sure to include February 22 all the way through March 2 in your Startup/ARTup plans. Your adventure kicks off this year with the first-ever music themed Techstars Startup Weekend Fort Collins Feb. 22-24. Develop new business ideas related to music innovation, pitch them to peers, experts, coaches and mentors, and get feedback on feasibility … all in one whirlwind weekend. This multi-day event is open to the general public, and is also FREE to CSU students, staff and faculty, but you need to register to participate. Dive in and do it!

smARTup Your Career!

Pro Tip: there are two must-not-miss sessions geared toward making money in music, and they take place back-to-back at the Music District on Tuesday, Feb. 26. Show up and learn some valuable lessons at:

Artists, Teachers, and Teaching Artists: Everybody Wins! and How to Leverage Technology to Advance Your Music Career.

Of course, gigging musicians *are* entrepreneurs, and working in a creative field doesn’t mean you’re not in the business of … business. So even if a session doesn’t have “music” in the title, you can sign up for some additional startup savvy that is sure to apply to your music career. Check out the full schedule for ALL sessions and explore!

Culture Conversations

ARTup Week is a bastion of the best kind of mashups — where worlds collide and the result is both familiar and unexpected. Join us at the Music District for a mid-week session exploring the power of dance in bridging cross-cultural gaps while strengthening community:

Sharing Your Personal Culture: Where Dance and Music Intersect

Make Some Sound Decisions

If you’re working in the field of audio engineering, or interested in knowing more about the technology and tactics that can make music sound memorable (in a good way) … check out the Sound Decisions sessions at ARTup Week:

Sound Decisions: Live Audio Production Workshop and Demonstration

Sound Decisions: Know Your Microphones

Unrelated to ARTup Week, yet adjacent and also sonically awesome — check out this additional event at the Music District organized by Colorado creatives on Sat. Feb. 23:

Sound Constructions

Sonic Social

Speaking of sonically awesome, the Music District has the honor of hosting one of our exploratory, experiential open house events as the icing on the ARTup Week cake this year, and you’re invited! Join us on Sat. March 2 between 4P – 9P for Sonic Social: a celebration of all things music + geekery and prepare to plug in, turn up and geek out. Themed to science fiction, fantasy, and video games, Sonic Social has music at its core and will feature live performances, hands-on activities, gameplay, out-of-this-world video projections, photo ops, cash bar, a food truck, and an interactive, challenge-filled Quest inspired by some of your favorite realms.

Save Some Space for … More Music

The more-than-a-week is filled with lots of learning opportunities … but since it all takes place in the middle of a thriving music ecosystem, why not schedule in a show or two and find some time to unwind your mind while you’re in the neighborhood? From Bob Mould on Monday to the bevy of bands at Sonic Social, there will be a number of chances all week long to discover engaging entertainment in between the hustle and flow. Bonus points if you can hang all the way through Sunday night March 3, because La Dame Blanche at Downtown Artery is going to be the ultimate in after-after parties.