What kinds of events do you have here?

We have a variety of events at the Music District that focus on the Art of music, the Business of music, and the Community surrounding and supporting music. The best way to know what’s coming up is by checking our Events page. If you have specific questions, you can always call our main number: 970-631-8190.

Who’s paying for all this great stuff?

The Music District is owned by a nonprofit foundation with a charitable public mission and a passion for music.

Where can I meet some people to start a band?

If you’re looking to meet other musicians, the Music District is the place for you! We have several areas in our buildings specifically designed as gathering spots where outside food & drink are welcome and WiFi is always fast & free.

Can I become a member, volunteer or supporter of the Music District?

There is no official member application; the Music District is open to anyone and everyone! Support what we do by attending events, booking rehearsal rooms, and telling your friends what a great time you had here. We also welcome volunteers to help us out. We ask that you take a staff-led tour of our campus and attend at least one event before volunteering at the Music District.

What are the steps to getting an artist residency at the Music District?

We are working to streamline this application process. In the meantime, please contact our Community Manager Erin Roberts directly if you are interested in a musical residency at our facility.

Is the Music District a school?

Nope. We are not a school, nor do we plan to become one. However, we have outstanding instructors who use our space to teach lessons. They are trained in a variety of instruments, software, and styles.

How do I take lessons here?

Browse through our Instructor page and find something that interests you! We have instructors who teach everything from Abelton Live to West African Ghanian Percussion.

Can I propose an event to happen on a Sunday?

Unfortunately, we are closed to the public on Sunday. Hopefully we can find another day that works for your event.

How do I attend an event?

Keeping tabs on our Events listing is the best way to know what’s coming. RSVPing saves your spot and it’s easy! Just “Add to Cart” for zero dollars.

Can I book rehearsal space the day I need to use it?

You sure can. If you have questions about this, you can call our main number at 970-631-8190 and someone at the front desk can help you.

Can I come in and record my next album?

We are not a recording studio, but we believe you should maximize your time when you are in the studio. That’s why we encourage musicians to use our rehearsal spaces to prepare to the point of recording. That way, you can be efficient when heading to some of the world-class recording studios in the area.

In what ways does the Music District support other music centric operations in Fort Collins?

We focus on creating community and supporting a diverse music ecosystem. The majority of our events are community-led. We also consider collaborating with and hosting other musical organizations a wonderful privilege.

How does one learn about grant opportunities for new music nonprofits?

You’re in luck! Bohemian Foundation’s Music Programs offers two music-focused competitive grantmaking programs: Muse and Music Event Fund. Learn more here.

Is there someone that can help me with my website?

We do not provide personal marketing and technical help, but you may be able to find answers to your questions at our Musicians Help Desk.

I want to start teaching, but I don’t have any students, where do I begin?

If you are added as an instructor on our website, more potential students will see your profile. Hopefully, your next student will contact you and you can start building your musical community of students.

Where can I meet people in the music community if I just moved to town?

People are constantly making connections and meeting new collaborators at our events. Especially if you are new to the region, the Music District is the best place to introduce yourself to the musical community.

Where can I park when I’m at the Music District?

Parking is limited. Please consider biking, parking on the street, riding the MAX, or carpooling. The main parking lot and entrance are on the west side of the Sisters building, there is also an entrance on the east side of the building along College Ave.

Why do I have to sign-in when I arrive at the Music District?

We legally need to know who’s on the premises and as a handy byproduct, your signing in helps us keep track of when and how people like to use the Music District. This allows us to tailor our programming and various offerings to your highly refined tastes and desires.

Can I check out equipment and use it at home?

We have state-of-the-art equipment that is available for use while you are on our campus. We cannot let you borrow equipment offsite, but you are welcome to use it while you’re at the Music District!

Have further questions? Email info@themusicdistrict.org