The Workout: Band Bio


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Monday, July 23 // 5pm-8pm // FREE w/ RSVP:

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Expressing yourself through your music is one thing, but through writing? It’s a totally different story. You can have the best music in the world, but no one will listen to it if it’s not packaged right. Your band bio is the key to engaging the right people to book your band, listen to your music and write about your album. Think of your bio as the literary version of your music, distilled into one shiny promotional package. And if you approach writing your band bio artistically, just like your music, it can actually be fun!

If you’ve always wanted to outsource a publicist to write your band bio, but don’t have the cash, here’s your chance to sit down with a professional who writes them all the time. Let’s work all the kinks out on the spot. Or maybe you just need to refresh your tired old band bio for a new tour. Come armed with your laptop and an open mind, and be prepared to leave with a bio that makes you feel as good about it as you do about your music.

*Photo: Amanda Piela Photography

About Erin:
At the beginning of her writing career, Erin K. Barnes dove right into the fun stuff: Writing for local papers like Westword and The Denver Post, she covered music and booze. A fan of gonzo journalism and creative nonfiction, she dove face first into the Denver music scene, winding up running the publicity department at Boulder’s United Interests and What Are Records?. There she honed her chops doing album + tour publicity for a myriad of artists, from heavy-touring road dogs to famous comedians.

With 15 years of professional writing experience, and a decade of PR experience under her belt–and this being Colorado–Erin currently does PR and social media in the cannabis industry. For six years she’s also been the devoted scribe & publicist for the well-known supporters of music, Illegal Pete’s, where she penned the tagline ‘Burritos, buddies and beer.’ She also runs their “Starving Artists” program, giving free burritos to touring bands who come through Colorado. “Burrito Fairy” is her official job title.

Erin was recently featured as one of 303 Magazine’s 70 Colorado Creatives featured in honor of 303 Day, as well as Westword’s 100 Colorado Creatives. Her first novel, Tintabula, is bedtime novel—a comfort fantasy in the form of speculative fiction—an odyssey that explores the twists and turns of consciousness, interoception and the psychic landscape. She’s currently represented by The Rights Factory literary agency.