Podcast or Nodcast? Engaging Podcasts for Startup Success


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Why Would You* (as an Artist, Founder, Company, Brand) want to start a podcast?

Who listens to these podcasts anyway? Last year, over 112 million Americans did.
Too shy to get on stage? Well, you’ve got a face for radio.
Smooth Talker?  Play to your strengths with all that wax poetic.
Been Called a Know It All? Here’s your chance to showcase your knowledge and look like the giver you are.
Looking to Show You’ve Got Street Cred?  –  How a podcast can establish you, as ‘the expert’ in your space.
Avoid Being the Drooling Fan. Connect with top influencers in your field because you have something they want.
Planting Seeds of Evergreen Trees. Turn podcast episodes into articles, social media posts, books and more.
Keeps On Giving. Episodes create a knowledge bank to use in customer acquisition process.