Planning & Distributing Music Videos


The Long Building - 619 S College


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This collaborative edition of Musician’s Help Desk is part of the 2018 NoCoMuVi Music Video Accelerator public workshop series!

Davis Powers (Music Producer/Booker for Last Call with Carson Daly) will be leading the conversation on creating and promoting your music video. Topics will include:

1. Budgeting for Music Videos: What comes first the idea or the budget? We can look at the average budget allocations for an indie artist, an indie label artist, and a major label artist and how that effects the creative. Also what to do when you have no budget. We could examine examples of videos from each level.

2. What does having a “premiere partner” really mean? These are the dreaded words of every publicist. We can discuss getting your video placed online and the value of pursuing such placement.

3. Creating a visual brand for you music: What does that mean and how does that pertain to your music? How to make content an essential part of your music’s DNA.