On the Nines: …Like It’s 1999


The Music District - 639 S College


A moment in time when Backstreet Boys, Britney, TLC, Blink-182, and Puffy were burning up the charts, ‘99 also brought acclaimed releases from the Flaming Lips, Blur, Dr. Dre, Beck, Jimmy Eat World, and Built to Spill. August’s On the Nines celebrates this red hot year at the end of the century with drinks, themed activities, and live music.

This free outdoor music showcase will feature live performances by The Beeves, Maxwell Hughes (formerly of The Lumineers and Edison), and a solo set from Adrienne Rae Ash (Plasma Canvas)! 90s attire is encouraged, so bust out those baggy jeans, overalls, platform shoes, and retro band tees. Or whatever.

The On the Nines series celebrates a year in music history, ending in nine. A mix of throwback songs and modern music, each event features a DJ, themed activities, cash bar, and musicians performing original songs plus legendary tracks from the spotlight year.

Free with RSVP | Cash bar w/ ID | 5:00-8:00pm

The Beeves

The Beeves are a young, energetic rock n’ roll band from the small cow-town of Erie, Colorado. In the past several years of being a band they’ve put on their own mini fest in Erie dubbed, “Beever Bash”, played over 200 shows, recorded an 8 song EP with Oliver Mueller of Slow Caves, and sold out countless venues and toured the country 4 times. The Beeves full length album was produced by Nate Cook of The Yawpers and engineered by Tyler Imbrogno of Eldren, and hits in 2019 accompanied by a tour of the mid-west and beyond.

Maxwell Hughes

The growl and purr of motorcycle engines. The patter of rain on a tin roof. The twinkle of chimes on a porch in February. The steady, insistent thrum of heartbeats. Maxwell Hughes’ playing evokes all of this, and much more. At a time when too many musicians treat their instruments as simple props, he’s a total original (and maybe a freedom fighter, too): an artist determined to explore the entire expressive latitude of his acoustic guitar, and to coax as many different sounds and moods from it as he can. In his hands, the guitar is a magic wand, a lightning rod, a stick to conjure the storm.


Adrienne Rae Ash

Adrienne Rae Ash is the guitarist and singer of Plasma Canvas. She also makes acoustic music under her own name and has released one EP and one single, entitled “Hope You Haunt Me” and “Silver/Clean Sheets” respectively. Originally from Missouri, Ash began playing guitar at the age of 12 and immediately fell in love with metal and punk. Later on in life, she discovered how much she loved playing her songs on an acoustic guitar, and began to approach her writing in that way. Her songs in Plasma Canvas often begin on an acoustic guitar. As a result, she enjoys being able to translate the different sounds and energies that come from performing her songs unplugged in a live setting.


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